Why Get a Listing?

BPBCC - Why Get a Business Listing

There are a number of reasons to be listed in the BPBCC official business directory so lets look at a few.


Gain Visibility

A representation of your business should be in as many relative positions as possible and the BPBCC directory is one opportunity to stake your claim to a small piece of well run online commercial real estate.

Although some retail consumers may land on this website for the purpose of leaving reviews, one can be assured that plenty of business professionals will consistently visit the BPBCC Business Directory to find vendors, update their listings, as well as leave reviews on fellow BPBCC member listings who they have experience with.

As always, business needs business to do business.

The BPBCC Business Directory is Actively Promoted

After all the man hours spent on the rethinking, redesign, resurrection, and the resurgence of this directory; one can rest assured that it will be promoted as a go to source for anyone looking to conduct business with reputable, Houston area businesses. Although the name of the chamber is Bethel’s Place Black Chamber of Commerce, we’re open to all businesses and future friends.

Get Visibility for Your Website

Any SEO professional will tell you, and so will Google, that backlinks (links back to your website) are one of the most important factors to ranking high in search engine results. To give you a quick crash course on one of a multitude of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) metrics, good back links could mean the difference between being on page one at the first result for terms remotely related to your business, and not being found online at all.

Bethel’s Place Black Chamber of Commerce’s (BPBCC Inc) business directory allows anyone who desires to add a listing to link back to their social networking profiles, emails, and their business or personal website.

Linking to related online properties of your businesses is possible in the listing side-panel area, as well as in the business description write-up. We highly recommend that business professionals who list in the BPBCC Business Directory link back to their website and take full advantage of their listing.

A Great Promotional Tool

Although this advantage may be overlooked, a high quality business listing complete with video, photos, and a concise well written description, can convert into sales.

Another few promotional benefits are that all the business listings can be linked to with online ads, shared to social media via the social sharing integrations embedded in the business listings, as well as via passive promotions by way of the RSS feed of new business listings being propagated throughout the BPBCC web network.

One example of this feature can be seen in the footer (bottom) section of this website as illustrated by the Empower Magazine feed and the BPBCC main feed.

In Summary

In short, you should list in as many directories as possible starting with the BPBCC Business Directory.

Dont forget! We’re here to help. If you need help formatting your business listing or adding video and images to the description, contact us.